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A Health Crisis

In Mizque, Bolivia, a congenital disease called Chagas affects every family. Chagas, which causes heart disease and destruction of the nervous system, is carried by a bug that lives and thrives in the cracks of their mud shacks.


See exactly who you help, learn their story, and their dreams.

Dirty Water

See exactly who you help, learn their story, and their dreams.

Safe home = Transformation

When a family has the foundation of a safe and secure home they can focus on education, earning more income, and improved health.


Replacing dirt floors with simple concrete floors can reduce parasitic infestations by 78% and decrease diarrhea by 49%. ?

Improved Health

In a new brick home families no longer live in the environment that previously caused them so much sickness.

Focus on Income

Saved time from sickness or fetching clean water means families have time to focus on income and productivity.

Education Performance

A safe home keeps kids healthy which means they can spend more time in school studying.

Start a Campaign

Start a Campaign

This is the fastest and surest way we know how to bring these families out of their current conditions and into safe homes.

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Read their story, learn their dreams, and be the change for a family in need.

Start a Campaign

The walls that are supposed to be protecting these families are making them sicker.

Together we’ll turn mud and straw houses into brick homes.

Every family in this community deserves dignified housing.